Getting Started With Share Dealing

What precisely is share dealing? For the uninitiated, it is the practise of buying and selling shares on the stock market. Such a notion may conjure up images of the frantic trading floor of the New York or London Stock Exchange, where traders yell orders down phone lines and throw order sheets around with gay abandon. Thankfully, modern share dealing is generally far more sophisticated than this. Where once people were able to trade shares using paper shares certificates, now everything is carried out online.

Are you thinking about getting started with share dealing? If so, you’ll need to find a brokerage to assist you in the purchasing and selling of shares. Much has been said on the subject of choosing a broker; far be it for us to pretend to be experts on the subject. All we will say is that trust is a hugely important factor in any financial relationship, and as such you will be best-placed to find a shares brokerage who you can place your full trust in. The one other point to mention is this – do ensure they are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). With a broker set to task, you are ready to proceed to the next stage in share dealing.

Choosing which shares to sell and which shares to buy is, naturally, a colossal part of your job as a trader when share dealing. To be able to do so with any degree of success, you’ll need to become fairly savvy about the financial markets, fairly quickly. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you need a degree in Advanced Economics or similar, but it does require a certain measure of application on your part. If you find the research is tiresome or difficult, it is worth asking your share dealing broker for assistance. They may know of courses or online tutorials you can access which should help you to become more knowledgeable.

All that remains now is to begin share dealing for real. When you begin to trade, it is of course highly tempting to make as many trades as possible, particularly if you feel you are on a winning streak. However, keeping your wits about you and maintaining a cool head will be far better strategies in the long run. So, ponder your trading choices with care and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. All the very best to you!

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