How To Buy Apple Shares?

No other company in the world commands more media attention than Apple. Their products are regular recipients of critical and public acclaim, making them a company that understands what it takes to be successful. What comes with success is a prominent stock market presence, which in Apple’s case is almost unrivalled.

Do Apple shares appeal to you? Are you looking to get a piece of the technology giant? Then read on for more information about how to buy Apple shares.

Are Apple Shares a Safe Bet?

Apple shares tend to divide. The company has worked hard in the years after Steve Job’s death to ensure that innovation continues. Apple has proven quick to move on from older product models and continues to develop new technology, cementing their number one position in the now hyper-competitive smartphone market. This constant pursuit of the latest technology should ensure that Apple remains a major player in the market for years to come. However, for every positive aspect of Apple’s business, many analysts have looked at Apple’s shrinking market share as a worrying element. Sdng (working alongside the free Android platform) is allowing smaller phone firms to compete in the market, as interest in the budget smartphone market has skyrocketed. All in all, Apple is set to continue to be a powerhouse moving forward, but in 2014 the budget smartphone market could end up eating into their business, especially as their specifications improve.

Find an Appropriate Broker

Should you want to buy Apple shares you will need to find an appropriate broker in order to do so. But, it isn’t just the case of using any old broker. Research potential brokers to try and find one that can provide both a telephone and online trading platform for you to utilise. They should also have advanced knowledge of the technology markets and how to trade them. Don’t rush when it comes to finding a broker and never buy Apple shares via one you don’t feel comfortable with.

Buying Process

Once you’ve found a stockbroker and deposited the money you wish to buy Apple shares with. Log-on to your chosen platform and perform a search for Apple shares via their three-letter designated market code. Upon selecting the stock you will be given a quote, this quote will last 15-seconds, which will be the amount of time you will have to execute the trade. If you don’t execute the trade in that time a new quote be will generated, which may be more or less than the last depending on the circumstances.

Final Thoughts

The process to buy Apple shares couldn’t be easier; deciding whether they are right for your portfolio is where the challenge lies. Apple is a global brand, which means that their shares carry a heavy premium, but is their premium stock worth the cost? Taking into consideration all the aforementioned, it is obvious that Apple has a lot going for it in 2014. However, with Samsung and smaller companies hot on their heels, how long their dominance will last remains to be seen.