Alibaba IPO – The Biggest IPO In 2014

Alibaba is a successful website which was as of March 2014 responsible for 60% of the packages sent within China. Those looking at the Alibaba IPO will tell you that the company offers nearly six thousand types of products on numerous websites and executes an escrow payment operation. Just like Alibaba and the Forty Thieves, this stealthy e-commerce website had grown in power and influence, to the point where it was serving the needs of 36.7 million Chinese and international customers in 2014. With expectations high that the company would see sales exceed one trillion dollars in the same year, clearly the time was right for an Alibaba IPO, with America the chosen destination.

What every trader wants the most, but can never have, is an accurate crystal ball. This has never been more so the case than in the instance of the Alibaba IPO. On the surface, everything seems to be looking positive for the company and the IPO which is expected to take place. However, just like in every other IPO, or trade in general, for that matter, there is always a chance that things will go wrong or that situations will change dramatically in a short space of time.

So just what can we expect from the Alibaba IPO? A certain amount of head-scratching and bemusement to start with. As of March 2014, the company was not well-known outside of its native China, although this had not stopped search engine colossus Yahoo from buying almost one quarter of the company. Within China, however, the situation was very different, with one source commenting that Alibaba had in fact now become a household name at the time the Alibaba IPO was being widely discussed.

With its promising figures and bright future, it would be tempting to say that the Alibaba IPO looks set to be a hit. However, just like the real Alibaba, it would be best to exercise caution in this manner, and to watch and wait before getting in too deep.

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