Tradition and Temple Bar Investment Trust Shares

Temple Bar Investment Trust shares

It seems if you want to invest in an investment trust you won’t ever be short of options. This may seem great on paper, having plenty to choose from and all, but in reality, it can be more of a hindrance. Determining a winning investment trust from a losing one isn’t as easy many may think. One trust that has definitely shown itself to be on the up is Temple Bar Investment Trust. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Temple Bar Investment Trust shares could be seen as interesting stock pick, but are they doing enough to warrant your money?

When looking at investment trust shares, you need to look the key elements of the trust before you go ahead and make any decisions. In Temple Bar Investment Trust’s case, they have a history that dates all the way back to the 1920s. Very few other trusts can boast such history. Their investor levels are around 30,000, meaning that they are strongly backed. Fund managers from Investec run the day-to-day management, but as an independent company, they also have a board of directors who offer advice and seek out the very best investments for their shareholders. You will only want to buy Temple Bar Investment Trust shares knowing that the trust is working for you and they currently have the fundamentals in place that shows they are.

Temple Bar Investment Trust has many noticeable features right off the bat. Firstly, a well-rounded and well-aroused team, that isn’t a random bunch but a hand-picked team, backs up the man in charge, Alastair Mundy. They don’t break things down by sector either; they like their team to be generalists, something other trusts have a tendency to veer away from. They say fools rush in and this is definitely advice that stands strong within Temple Bar Investment Trust’s MO. The team tends to buy stocks gradually and puts their thoughts and efforts into sustainable quality rather than timing. What appeals the most about Temple Bar Investment Trust will probably be the price; it isn’t expensive to get involved. Investors won’t be facing performance-based charges, leaving you with more money to invest should you so choose. Morning Star gave the trust a Gold Star rating, which in itself stands for something. If you want to invest in trust shares then Temple Bar Investment Trust shares quality will more than likely put them on your radar.

Are buying shares in an investment trust easy? The answer to that question is more than likely no, largely due to the sheer choice available. Even the most experienced investors will find it hard to get their head around what exactly makes up a good trust. But if you are going to invest in a trust on credentials and set up alone, then odds are you need to look at Temple Bar Investment Trust shares. Showcasing proven quality through a well-rounded team, Temple Bar Investment Trust shares could very well be the investment that your portfolio is crying out for.

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