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Sep 16, 2013: All Eyes On FOMC Meeting Tomorrow. Eurozone Holds Talks

All eyes will be on tomorrow’s FOMC meeting (17th – 18th September) as this may decide whether QE will be tapered. The Dollar has remained under pressure from this event. Another catalyst is Syria, but this is likely … [Read More]


May 27, 2014: Round up for the week 19/05/14 – 23/05/14

The UK economy is showing signs of strong growth however, the soaring house prices continue to be an issue, one which the Bank of England believes could hamper the recovery of the economy. Demand for housing … [Read More]


October 23, 2014: Jetrea: A Winning Drug, A Losing Start

ThromboGenics is a Belgian biotechnology company focused on ophthalmology. The lead product, Jetrea, for the treatment of back-of-the-eye disorders (VMA) has been approved and launched in the US and EU. Jetrea is … [Read More]


January 18, 2017: BMW Shares Fall As US President Elect Targets The German Auto Industry In Threats To Introduce A Steep Border Tax

Shares in premium German car manufacturers BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen fell yesterday morning as a result of comments made by Donald Trump in a … [Read More]


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