Why Are Facebook Shares All-Time Low? 

Why are Facebook shares all-time low

It is perhaps not surprising that March and April 2018 saw Facebook shares at an all-time low. This was, after all, at the height (or possibly in the depths) of the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, when that third party was accused of violating Facebook’s third-party privacy guidelines to release information that was, again allegedly, used […]

Tradition and Temple Bar Investment Trust Shares 

Temple Bar Investment Trust shares

It seems if you want to invest in an investment trust you won’t ever be short of options. This may seem great on paper, having plenty to choose from and all, but in reality, it can be more of a hindrance. Determining a winning investment trust from a losing one isn’t as easy many may […]

How Soon Is Now? Smiths Group Trading Guide 

Smiths Group Trading Guide

Smiths Group plc is a UK engineering company, listed on the London Stock Exchange. Smiths Group is commonly regarded by the business press as one of the UK’s subtle engineering success stories – for, while the firm is certainly not a household name, it has operations in almost 60 countries worldwide, and is also a […]

Out At The Source? Serco Group Investment Guide 

Serco Group Investment Guide

Serco Group plc is a large outsourcing company, based in the UK. The business vies for government contracts in a variety of areas, including transport, aviation, weaponry, detention centres, prisons and schools. Listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1988, Serco Group is a member of the FTSE 250 Index. The firm has international operations […]

Is Controversy Holding Back Wood Group Shares? 

wood group shares

Founded by Sir Ian Wood in the early 1980s it is safe to say that Wood Group has grown out of their JW Holdings roots into a global powerhouse. They started life on the stock market in 2002 and after a slow rise to prominence could be considered a diamond in the rough from a […]

Why Bitcoin Is Unstoppable? 

Why bitcoin is unstoppable

Bitcoin enjoyed an extraordinary year of success in 2017; over the course of a hectic twelve-month period, this father and mother of cryptocurrencies saw its price increase ten-fold, from $1,000 to $13,000. This came amid a welter of positive publicity, endorsements from leading figures in many fields and widespread advertising campaigns for it and for […]

Smart Way To Invest My Money In Stock Market 

Smart way to Invest my money in stock market

If you are reading this article then you will probably already have asked yourself the question: ‘What is the smart way to invest my money?’ It’s a common question and one that has many answers, as a brief search of the internet will reveal! There is no one answer that fits all comers, but we […]

Vedanta Resources Shares – Profitable? 

Vedanta Resources shares

It can sometimes to exactly grasp the sheer scope of some companies. If you are interested in Vedanta Resources and have ever contemplated purchasing Vedanta Resources shares then the chances are that you have made the attempt to grasp the sheer scale of the enterprise, and this short article will probably do no more than […]

Venator Materials PLC Prepare for its IPO 

Venator Materials IPO

Venator Materials PLC, the additives division for Huntsman Corporation was in the news in the middle months of 2017 when it was announced that an IPO would take place worth an estimated $477 million. This was equivalent to 28% of the division, which would still thus remain for the most part owned and completely controlled […]

Clementia pharmaceuticals IPO 

Clementia pharmaceuticals IPO

The Clementia Pharmaceuticals IPO planned for the middle months of 2017 seemed, on the face of it, to be a bright prospect for all concerned. The Montreal based manufacturer of treatments for rare bone and tissue complaints, was looking to sell 7.15 million shares of common stock for a price of $14 a share and […]