Liberty Oilfield Services Inc. IPO 

Liberty Oilfield Services Inc. IPO

The Liberty Oilfield Services Inc IPO is occurring against a background of difficulties for all oilfield service providers. The base reason for all of these difficulties is what you might expect, the price of oil itself, which at the time of the IPO remained hovering around the US$50 a barrel. Volume demand remained low and […]

UK General Election – Do The Polls Explain Why It’s Happening? 

UK General Election

On the 19th of April 2017, the House of Commons voted by a majority of 522 votes to 13 to call a UK General Election to take place on the 8th of June. The size of the majority achieved is significant for several reasons. The vote more than achieved the status of a ‘super-majority’ ion […]

Elevate Credit IPO – Profitable? 

elevate credit ipo

Will the Elevate Credit IPO prove to be profitable? This is a question that will interest you if you have been following the fortunes of the online lender that specialises in providing affordable loans for the type of borrowers who are often deemed too risky by other lenders. If you were keeping an eye on […]