What Stands Behind The AquaVenture Holdings IPO? 

AquaVenture Holdings IPO

Unless you are well versed on related industry comings and goings, odds are you would have been unaware of AquaVenture Holdings. Now, with the AquaVenture Holdings IPO in full swing, many are now looking to grab a slice of this once unknown company. So, key questions have now been asked, who are AquaVenture Holdings? What […]

Does The Stock Market Fear A Trump Presidency? 

Does the stock market fear a Trump presidency

The Republican nominee for president Donald Trump continues to run into scandals and embarrassment, including his recent meltdown on Twitter and the news that he could have been dodging income tax for 18 years. It’s difficult to gauge just how much these incidents will affect the overall race for the presidency, but there is expected […]

How To Set Up For Scalping Trading 

How To Set Up For Scalping Trading

When setting up for scalping trading, it’s important to have reliable access to market makers. It’s also important to have a platform that allows you to buy and sell very, very quickly. The ideal platform will have a buy and sell button for each currency pair so that all you have to do is hit […]