What Would A Hung Parliament At The UK General Election Do To The British Economy? 

Depending on which side of the fence you sit on, the UK general election will either be the beginning of a new era or the premature end of the old one. There is seemingly an endless amount of possible results, with the polls changing on a near daily basis. However, there is one outcome that […]

Was The Return Of DFS Shares A Triumph Or A Tragedy? 

Founded by Graham Kirham, DFS is one of those companies that seemingly everyone knows. Their advertising is simple yet relentless, as if you turn on a TV you’re a likely to see the DFS name splashed across your screen at some point. Profits for DFS have been steady through such advertising routes, which has seen […]

Are TalkTalk Shares Still Putting Out Mixed Signals? 

The telecommunications industry is one of the most competitive industries in Britain. Companies are constantly making moves in order to increase their market standing. One company that has made its fair share of moves lately is TalkTalk. After starting out life as Opal Telecoms in 1995, the company has evolved into one that supports around […]