Is It Time To Ditch Your Taylor Wimpey Shares? 

Since the fallout of the credit crunch UK house building companies have had more than just a fair rub of the green. Lower operational costs along with booming house prices have seen them rake in the big bucks, making some investors rich in the process. In fact, for a while there was a great deal […]

The Story Of Syriza And Their Rise To Greek Election Supremacy 

In 2004, Syriza managed to get just 4% of the vote during the Greek elections; it was a figure so low that unless you were an avid supporter of the group you probably wouldn’t have known who they were. Fast-forward over ten years to January 2015 and the story is very different, as Syriza have […]

What Lies Ahead For Pharmaceutical Shares And The Pharmaceutical Sector? 

It is safe to say the pharmaceutical sector is never going to sit easy as an investment sector for some. The means of making huge profits off life saving medicines will leave many feeling uneasy. However, if you can put such concerns to one side you will see that pharmaceutical shares represent a great vehicle […]