Reinsurance Premium; Are SCOR shares a buy or sell? 

SCOR is a financial services company based in France. Publicly traded, the company is primarily known for its reinsurance services; in 2007, SCOR became the 5th largest reinsurer in the world. The reinsurance industry is one built on significant risk. Reinsurance companies cover risks and eventualities that would otherwise bankrupt primary players in the insurance […]

Should I buy Berkeley Group Holdings shares? 

Berkley Group Holdings are a Surrey based house-building company that was founded back in the mid-1970s. It is one of the leading home building companies within the UK, with companies under the brand including Berkley Homes and Crosby Homes. Berkeley Group Holdings are floated on the London Stock Exchange, with its size reflected by its […]

Standard Life shares – It is time to jump aboard or jump ship? 

Standard Life is an investment savings business, with worldwide operations and 6 million customers to date. The company has 200 years of investment experience behind them, making them one of the oldest savings businesses currently in operation. But, as every investor knows, age doesn’t always quantify success. When it comes to Standard Life shares it […]