Penny Stocks – Profitable? 

Penny stocks are shares which trade at a low price per share. They are common stocks in small companies, which generally hold little value. In modern times, any stock which trades under £1 per stock is known as a penny share in the UK, whilst in America the criteria for a penny share is that […]

Should I Buy Rolls-Royce Shares? 

If you are asking yourself the question ‘Should I buy Rolls-Royce shares?‘ then it may be of great use for you to find out some information about the company. After all, before you begin to trade with your hard-earned money, you want to feel confident that you are investing in a company that is likely […]

Vodafone Shares – Profitable? 

Many traders are currently considering whether or not to trade in Vodafone shares. If you are one such trader, you will have undoubtedly already carried out some preliminary research into the question. Here, we will look at the company in some detail and at its performance, in order to ascertain whether investing would be a […]