Should I Buy JustEat shares? 

Should I buy JustEat shares? is a question which requires considerable debate. How much do you know about the company? Then consider the fact that the question Should I buy JustEat shares? is a hypothetical one, as no IPO has in fact been announced. JustEat is a Danish company which operates around the world. It […]

Merlin Plc Announced A 30% Ticket Discount For Shareholders 

Merlin Plc, owner of amusement parks and attractions including Thorpe Park, Madame Tussauds and Legoland, has revealed more details about its much anticipated public offering. Merlin shares are expected to be offered at between 280p and 330p each. Said price range will value the company at £2.8bn – £3.3bn just ahead of the stock market […]